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This pack contains 650 unique LUTs all you need for the perfect Color-Grading for your short-film, wedding or commercial work, ranging from faded to high contrast looks. Our main focus on every single LUT we make is to have great smooth skin tones, with as little adjustments as possible, this is why we test every single preset on all the major brands and profiles, such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Black Magic, Red or Fuji, Smartphone applying our LUTs on hundreds of files on different profiles and situations, in order to get consistent results, to make sure it works great with every shot.

Q. What are LUTs?

A. LUTs are Look Up Tables that alter the color values of an image or frame. In simple terms, they are Instagram filters for your videos. Using these lookup tables, you can largely improve your video quality and color while saving tons of time during the grading process.

This package can be used with the most video editing software (Mac/Windows). The files are in .cube format, so you can even include them on external monitors! We also included amazing simple LUTs with a .prfpset Premiere Pro preset format to make the color-grading process faster for you. 

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✅650+ LUTs/Presets with 15+ Categories (Film, Wedding, Commercial, Documentary, Horror, Sport, Winter, Vlog, Cinematic, Famous Movie and more)

✅Our Bonus Pack (Titles, Social Media Packs, Transitions)

✅All in 1.42 GB file (Download Zipped File size, 364MB)

✅Compatible with most of the Video Editing Softwares (Mac/Windows)

✅Royalty-free and commercial use allowed

✅It takes only 5 minutes to get ready for an instant download.